Wear and Tear

The BVRLA have devised a fair wear & tear code which is recognized as the industry standard. Below is a condensed version of the fair wear & tear guidelines.



  • Documentation & Servicing: All handbooks should be with the vehicle and the Service Record should be fully completed and stamped as appropriate. If you plan to use an independent garage for servicing bear in mind that to keep the car's warranty valid the manufacturer's genuine replacement parts must be used. It's a good idea to keep receipts.
  • General Appearance: There is no need to go as far as full valet before the car goes back! However, it does need to be clean enough for an inspection to be carried out so a quick wash and vac is a good idea. 
  • Additional Equipment: If accessories such as telephones have been installed and then removed, any holes or damage should be repaired. Any external aerials must be left in place or the hole repaired. 
  • Badges & Lettering: Any vinyl lettering or badges on the bodywork or glass must be removed and any colour fading fixed - a quick polish usually does the job. (Painted sign- writing is not acceptable). 
  • Keys & Security: If you are provided with both sets of keys on delivery of your vehicle you must also return it with nut sets, including any locking wheel nut keys (if applicable). Remote locking keys should be working and if the vehicle was supplied with a security system, this must be working and any remotes returned (N.B. Look after the keys as replacements generally cost hundreds of pounds to replace)


Exterior damage 

  • General: Any body damage must be repaired as soon as possible. All work should be completed to a professional standard, with any applicable anti-corrosion guarantees taken into consideration. Obvious evidence of a poor repair is not acceptable.
  • Dents: Minor dents (up to 10mm in diameter) are OK, however, no more than a single dent on each panel is acceptable. 
  • Paintwork: Small areas of stone chipping, door edge chipping or light scratches (up to 25mm) are acceptable. Chips right through to metal should be touched up. 
  • Bumpers and rubbing strips: Provided these are not broken, cracked or deformed a limited amount of scuffing and score marks are acceptable. 
  • Windows: Light scratches and minor chipping around the edge of the windscreen is acceptable, but not in the drivers line of sight. Heated windows must be working. 
  • Lights: All lights must work. Minor scuff marks or scratches are OK, but holes or cracks in the glass or plastic are not.


Interior damage 

  • General: The interior should be clean and tidy with no visible burns, tears or staining to the upholstery or carpet. Wear through normal use is acceptable, as are any repairs that are not readily visible. 
  • Luggage Area: Light blemishes that reflect normal use are acceptable, but panels should not be torn or split. 
  • Light Commercial Vehicles: For vans and pick-ups it is recommended that a lining be fitted in the load area to prevent excessive damage. 
  • Door Openings: A reasonable amount of scuffing to the door and luggage area openings is OK. Damaged paintwork or torn seals are not acceptable. 
  • Controls & equipment: All original controls and equipment such as CDs and satellite navigation systems etc. must be intact and working. All odometer alterations must be reported and any evidence of unauthorised odometer changes is unacceptable. 
  • Rubber Seals: If a seal becomes displaced it should be refitted immediately to avoid it becoming trapped or torn. Damaged seals are not acceptable.


Vehicle chassis and underside

  • General: Minor dents and chips, such as stone damage, are acceptable as long as it has not caused major corrosion. Any impact damage should be fixed. 
  • Exhaust System: The system should be fitted and working properly. Catalytic converters must be working OK - failure through using the incorrect fuel, abuse, or tow/bump starting the vehicle is not acceptable. 
  • Oil Leaks: Oil leaks are not acceptable and should be fixed at the earliest opportunity. 
  • Tyres: All tyres, including the spare, must be in a legal condition and be of the correct tyre type, size and speed rating. There should be no obvious damage to sidewalls or tread. 
  • Wheels and Wheel Trims: Light scuffing is OK, but dents or damage to the rim or wheels is not acceptable. The spare wheel, jack and tools must present. 


Some Basic Examples of What Will Not Pass the Inspection 

  • Brakes: Grooved brake discs caused by metal to metal contact. 
  • Engine: Seized due to running with insufficient coolant, oil or with broken internal components. 
  • Transmission: Slipping, erratic gear changing, clutch slipping, noisy transmission or ineffective synchromesh. 
  • Our general advice is to look after your lease or rental vehicle as if you own it. Get services done when they're due, replace worn out tyres, get any faults fixed under the warranty and treat it to the odd wash and vac. 
  • If your car is damaged, then to minimise the cost of repairs you could get it fixed before it goes back.


There are companies who for minimal costs can do a great job at fixing minor dents and scrapes, these are generally very economical. If you have any concerns or queries about what is, or isn't damage, you can always call us to discuss, we are always happy to try and advise our customers accordingly. 

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